Protective waist trousers, stretch 20m/s

Protective waist trousers made of a new, strong, smooth and ventilating 4-way stretch. The new stretch material is smoother and more durable than before. Sawdust and snow will not stick as easy and will keep the clothing clean and dry for longer. Reinforced in Aramid material on exposed areas. Light and comfortable trousers due to our new lighter saw protection material. Lining in Spacermaterial and extra ventilation openings on back of legs makes the trousers airy. Two front pockets and two back pockets. The back pockets can also be opened for extra ventilation. Wide elasticized waist and a raised back. Recommended washing temperature 40° C. EuroTest marking. Model A.

Articles for Protective waist trousers, stretch 20m/s

46/48 (525 76 03-46)
50/52 (525 76 03-50)
54/56 (525 76 03-54)
58/60 (525 76 03-58)
62/64 (525 76 03-62)
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